Some signs need no explanation…

*This one’s on the way to Arnold, CA. It was rainy. Foggy. Snowy. Windy. Icy. Our four-wheel drive decided to malfunction. (Murphy’s Law, anyone?) Have you ever driven up a hill completely sideways, skidding the whole way, looking “forward” through the passenger side window? Sad to say I can mark that off my bucket list.


Some signs remind you what you should be doing…

*Ruan is the name of my hero in my work-in-progress. Yes, the truck was my inspiration. I thought Ruan…Ruin…tortured hero…PERFECT! But when you’re going through a writing slump, bashing a scene into place (which I was at the time), the last thing you want is to see your main character on every milk truck that passes you by.


Some signs give you hope…

*I’m currently on submission with Harper Collins’ imprint Avon. I haven’t seen an ad for Avon in YEARS. Maybe since the late 1980’s. Yet there it was, staring me in the face in the Dairy Queen drive through. A reminder to have hope…that there might be good things to come. I said a prayer, crossed my fingers…and picked up my chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard.


Some remind us of a forgotten age…

*This sign is one I found while traipsing through Fort Point in San Francisco. I was researching Immortal, Beloved at the time. This one was bolted to a brick wall on the barracks side of the fort.


And there are those that show us what the future holds…


Other signs make you read in awe…

*Another Fort Point beauty. I read this one over and over again. I could only dream of writing something so awe-inspiring. It was pinned beneath a window with a view of the center courtyard lightower.


Some signs aren’t even signs at all. Sometimes the feelings bubbling inside of you are signs. Signs you’re on the right path…or the wrong one. I feel happy. Hopeful. Grateful. Appreciative. In my book, those feelings are all signs of good things to come. If I’m a member of this group in any way shape or form, my future is brighter than I ever could’ve imagined…

*San Francisco Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America board. I couldn’t ask for a better group of gals to be on this journey with.


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