I had a great time at my first book signing on Saturday! Sincere heartfelt thanks to those of you who came and to those of you who didn’t, perhaps you can make it to the next one!

By the end of the hour-long event, my stack had dwindled down to nothing!

My wonderfully talented sister-in-law, Laura, baked this celebratory cake. Isn’t it amazing?!? Yes, that mock book is edible too! She’s got mad skills…but I’ve mentioned that before.

I answered some great questions–including one from Husband that he’d never asked before. I wonder if he was waiting until this very moment to make me blush. He asked why I get most of my inspiration during church sermons. I don’t have a clue, but it’s the truth.

I read a bit from the book. I had to force myself to sloooow way down. It’s a harder task than you realize…unless you’ve actually heard me read aloud (sooo sorry former students).

The one above isn’t the greatest picture, but it caught the warm ambiance just right.

I signed books and had an absolute blast! Very surreal.

Afterwards, we went to lunch and I de-stressed with the ones I love the most. I don’t post pictures of Husband and munchkins often. It’s a writing blog about my writing journey, so I hardly feel pictures of my children apply…but none of this would have been possible without their support. So a family picture can fly here, I think.


4 thoughts on “Signing!

  1. Glad the signing went well. Wish I could've been there! That cake looks awesome and the pic of your family is adorable! I'm glad the books all sold out. They won't be disappointed.

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