Moonlight Mania Blog Hop

Moonlight Mania is open to any and all book bloggers–regardless of genre. Though I ask that no one enter Twitter accounts onto the linky list. Blogs only!

Here’s how it works. To participate in the hop, you must be a follower of this blog. After you’re a follower, enter your-name@ Blog’s name (genres you review) into the linky list. For example, Kristin@ pararomance (Paranormal, Suspense) Then once you’ve entered the linky list, copy and paste the beautiful blog button into a post on your blog.

(I can’t seem to get the linky list to work here, so for now I’ll just guide you back to the original list over at Nocturnal Reading.

This week’s question is: What was the last book that touched you emotionally right before you went to bed? Have you ever read something late into the night that’s so beautiful, you can’t help but let the tears pour?

The last book I read right before I went to bed was The Ranger. (Take a peek on my sidebar–it’s there with a link to Amazon.) I didn’t cry my eyes out, but I’m not to the climax yet. I seldom cry when I read, actually. It takes a pretty superb book to make me tear up. The last one that made the waterworks start was Jude Devereaux’s A Knight in Shining Armor.

What about you? Read any good tear-jerkers lately? I’m always looking for another good one!


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