Burn Out

Ever feel like you’ve got so much on your brain that instead of letting a few things slip through your fingers, everything falls apart at once, leaving you empty handed and exhausted? Yup. That’s where I am right now.

The writing’s been slow going. I’ve written 10K in three weeks. Not enough by a long shot if I plan to have this finished by mid-summer. Every time I sit down to write I remember I have to answer emails, do the dishes, throw in some laundry, pick up something for one of my munchkins classes, etc, etc, etc. The list in my brain goes on and on, all hours of the day. I’m even having trouble sleeping. My head just won’t slow down enough for me to rest…but I can’t seem to write during the night, either.

I think I’m close to burning out, trying to do too many things at once. I think I need to slow down a bit…take a step back. I don’t mean from writing–Heck No! I mean from everything…for a night or two.

Not to mention I’ve been working out religiously for about four weeks now and haven’t lost a single pound…instead, I’m gaining weight. Seriously? I know muscle weighs more than fat, but come on. I want to see those numbers decline on the scale. I’m even watching what I eat and I don’t mean that in the funny ha-ha “I’m watching the chocolate as it passes my lips” kind of way. I’m being serious. And I’m not a fan of diets.

Something’s gotta give or I’m gonna burn out FAST.

Yesterday I told Husband I need to get out of the house this week. He asked what I had in mind. I don’t really have anything in mind, other than doing something that requires my brain to go on auto-pilot. Yet every time I try to think of what I want to do or when I want to do it, it feels like another “thing” added to my to-do list.

I could really use some advice here. What do you do when the writing is grinding and the rest of your life won’t slow down enough to let you think clearly? Do you Yoga? Run? Coma-like sleep? Write through it?


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