What The Hell Wednesday

No, this is not a new feature on the site. I’m simply wondering what the hell is happening on this wacky Wednesday.

This morning I went to the local flea market with my mom and my munchkins. There wasn’t exactly blue skies, but it wasn’t raining either. Right when Princess decided she wanted a life-size Rapunzel pinata for her birthday it started POURING. Guess who had to run through the market, into the street, and across the parking lot carrying a big ass paper mache Rapunzel, cradling her as if the rain would make her melt?

This girl.

As the storm moved northeast, we heard Tornado Warnings announced…in Sacramento.


Also on this What The Hell Wednesday, you’ll never guess what I found while perusing the shelves of Salvation Army:

What. The. Hell. Right?!?

Who would buy something like that? No. Scratch that. Who would take out their camera in the middle of a packed Salvation Army and take a picture of that?

This girl.

When I looked around, got a whole lot of “What the hell are you doing” looks, I snapped this picture too:

So at least if anyone was paying attention maybe they wouldn’t think I had a thing for ceramic japanese aliens in purple jumpsuits.

I had a good laugh. Which got me more looks. It was a crazy day. Glad it’s over.


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