Short Term Memory

First thing I did when I awoke this morning was try to find some news. Since the television was occupied by Looney Toones, I started up my computer and began google searching recent events.

Japan radiation update

Rebuilding Japan

Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Oil work on Gulf of Mexico beaches

I got nothing. All articles relayed information from the past. Like I was reading the tragedies from a history book.

So I added today’s date to the searches.

I got nothing but a current article linked to the old information. I was flabbergasted. It seems news stations and papers have taken the attitude: It’s not top news anymore, so why write about it? This has to be a result of google top searches on those subjects dwindling.

But Americans can’t have such a short term memory, right?

Then I hop on Facebook. Most of my friends are shocked that we’re still getting rain in June. Like it’s never happened before.

Why doesn’t anyone remember when high school graduations were held the first week in June? (I graduated today, actually, 13 years ago.) Why doesn’t anyone remember how class after high school class had to have a back-up plan: 1) graduation on the field with unlimited tickets 2) in case of rain, graduation in the gym with two tickets. Why doesn’t anyone remember the panic when it rained a few days before graduation and everyone was worried it wasn’t going to clear up in time to have the ceremony on the field?

On the day of my elementary school graduation a huge storm was brewing. Strong winds cracked our huuuge “Graduation Class of 1994” banner in half.

It may not happen every single year, but it happens enough that people shouldn’t be shocked about it.

I’m just wondering why we have such a short term memory? Doesn’t anyone care about the cleanup efforts from the oil spill? The one that was said to be the greatest oil disaster in history? Doesn’t anyone care about the extent of radiation in Japan or how the radiation dumped into the ocean is affecting that ecosystem? And why, on a much lower level, doesn’t anyone remember that rain and storms are often a part of the first week in June?

I’m sure no one will have an answer. I’m just rambling.

And, as you can probably guess, I’m loving this rain. I just wish I could drink my coffee and catch up on my news while watching it.


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