Vamped Up goes into the world–NetGalley Review Time!

I’m a little nervous…

VAMPED UP goes out to reviewers on NetGalley today.

I absolutely love this book. It’s my baby. I fell in love with Eve and Ruan right away. From the moment they popped on the radar in INTERVAMPTION, I couldn’t wait to tell their story. It’s the first book I’ve written that elicited serious emotional reactions from me as I wrote it. (I teared up during one scene and released butterflies in my stomach for a few others.) My writing got stronger through the pages and I went deeper into these characters than I’ve done with any others.

But I still worry. There are bound to be imperfections and people who don’t relate to the work. I’m sure there’ll be bad reviews. There’ll be expectations that aren’t met. (Especially after the great reviews of InterVamption.)

Nothing can be done about that.

(I would like to think ALL writers, regardless what stage of their craft and career they’re in, go through this kind of panic mode when reviewers get their hands on our work. You pray there are good reviews with the bad. No wait, you pray that the bad reviews are swamped by good ones. That would make the bad reviews more tolerable, wouldn’t it? I know I’m rambling–told you I was nervous.)

Anyhow, I suppose I have to suck it up. Allow myself to sweat and worry. Then let the story go. It’s like dropping off my youngest at school for the first day. As I left the parking lot, I couldn’t help but wonder how his first day was going to go. Were the other kids going to be kind to him? Would he make friends? Would he sing and play and be happy or would he sulk by himself? Is Vamped Up going to live up to the expectation I’ve placed upon it? Will Ruan and Eve reach through the pages and grab readers’ hearts? I sure hope so.

I’m just so damn jittery this morning and it has to be because my latest work is finally going out into the world.

Good luck, VAMPED UP. Fly, baby, fly.


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