How’d I celebrate the release of Vamped Up, you ask?

There were bright, happy faces…(A rare pic of Husband–he’s the hunky, hunky, cheesy one on the right.)

There was cinnamon coffee cake…LOTS OF IT…

There was Settler’s…(I was red and ended up winning only 1 game of 3 for the night.)

And there was Guiness…

I’d say I had a damn good release day.

(Side note: I took the wild goose that we found in our backyard to our local Wildlife Rescue Center. Turns out it wasn’t a goose at all. It was an American Coot.
It’d somehow flown in from the river, hurt it’s wing and couldn’t get back. The Wildlife Rescue is going to fix him right up and set him free. Good deed done for the day!!)


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