Dark Tide Rising Nomination!

I have UNBELIEVABLY great news!

DARK TIDE RISING was nominated for Best Action-Adventure/Romantic Suspense novel of 2011 over at The Romance Reviews!

I’m THRILLED to be nominated. It was a Top Pick when it was reviewed there in February of last year, and at the time I thought it couldn’t get better than that. I was wrong. 🙂

Honestly, I’m so proud of Dark Tide Rising. I call it my “little book” and by that I mean it represents my dream of wanting to be a “real writer”. It was the first book I finished that I sought publication for. I remember sitting up late at night writing it thinking this could really make it.

It was the first time I thought my dream could become my reality.

And now my “little book” has made me prouder than I could’ve dreamed. If you’re interested in voting (you don’t have to though I’d LOVE it if you did) you can click the link below this logo…


…and log in with your Facebook account. It takes two seconds and you’d make my YEAR.



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