Claimed by Desire release day!

CLAIMED BY DESIRE is now available!

As teenagers, dragon shifter Rafe Landon and empath Misty Burke shared a heart-stopping love and heated passion that neither expected…especially since on the mystical Isle of Feralon, dragons aren’t supposed to embrace members of other races. Fearing for Misty’s life should she be claimed as his rider, Rafe commits the ultimate sacrifice and sets his love free, banishing her from the enchanted isle.
The last thing he expects is for Misty to return to Feralon ten years later as a very mature, and deviously sexy woman on a mission: use her heightened sensory powers to locate the missing Draco stone, a sacred gem that strengthens the dragon race. But Rafe is hiding a secret of his own. Forsaking a rider will end his life…in two days time. Despite his eternal love for Misty, he refuses to imprison her on the isle, condemning her to an early grave.
For Misty, Rafe will gladly pay the ultimate sacrifice—he’ll die, so she can live.
It’s not long before Rafe and Misty are swept away by undercurrents of passion that never waned. Their quest to find the sacred stone may be more of a journey than either realized—one that not only leads to the lost gem, but to true, undying love.

It’s available at B& and for $2.99 or for $239 in all e-formats.
Writing update: I finished Last Vamp Standing (Vampires of Crimson Bay #3) last night. I wrote a whopping 5200 words to bring the total to 95,000! (For reference: InterVamption was 103k and Vamped Up was 97k). I’m taking today off, then diving back into edits tomorrow. There’s more to fix in LVS than the other two, so I’m not sure how long it will take me to polish this bad boy up, but at least it’s finished! Sort of. Roughly. 😉


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