Goals for 2012 evaluated, goals for 2013 and a JibJab!

Every year when January rolls around I take a look back at my goals from the year before. I judge how I did, how I should’ve done, where I went wrong, how I can do better, etc. And every year I put those goals on my blog for all the world to see, and make new goals so that the world can hold me accountable if I biff it.

So here goes…


*Final in the Daphne (I want this sucker so bad…)
*Write and sell a third (and maybe a fourth) novella in the Isle of Feralon series for HQN (Cravings)
*Write every day
*Write and sell another dark, gritty, sexy paranormal full-length novel to a major publishing house for a traditional print run. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with HarperCollins again…time will tell.

How’d I fare? I finaled in the Daphne! Yay! That one has been on my “goal list” for years, and I’m thrilled to say I can finally mark it off. I did write and sell a third and fourth book in the Isle of Feralon series to Harlequin Nocturne (Cravings). The fourth book isn’t written yet, but it should be finished by the end of January. I wrote every day…just about. I mean, I usually take a day off each week to recharge, and I typically take 1-2 weeks off between books to plot the next one, so with the exception of those times, I was right on target! I did write and sell another sexy full-length paranormal to an awesome publisher. In fact, I sold three in that series. J I can’t go into details yet, but let’s just say I wrote the book with a certain publisher (and certain editor) in mind, and they (she) loved it! Also…Last Vamp Standing is going to be available in Target stores nationwide at the end of February, which means I get to work with the fantabulous HarperCollins folks for a while longer. That was something I didn’t see coming. J


Release schedule for 2012 (4 books):

One Night to Remember: March

Claimed by Desire: May

Forbidden by Fate: July

Last Vamp Standing: August


Release schedule for 2013 (4, maybe 5 books):

Gone with the Wolf: tentative March release

Demand of the Dragon: April

Craving #4: TBA

Untitled #2 in “wolf” series: TBA

Untitled #3 in “wolf” series: TBA


I have to say, I’m pretty close to meeting my goals every year. Either that means I’m working my ass off to get there or I’m not aiming high enough.


My goals for 2013:

  • Final in the RITA’s (I entered Claimed by Desire and Forbidden by Fate, the first two novellas in my Isle of Feralon series.)

  • Final in the Daphne (I’ll enter Last Vamp Standing into the published paranormal category when the contest opens. It’s the third in the series, so there’s a chance it won’t final since the judges probably won’t have read the first two, but I’ve got to try.)

  • Write the two remaining books in the series I just sold.

  • Write the fourth Isle of Feralon novella.

  • Reach more readers through digital avenues.

  • Write every day.


Note: For the first time since I started writing in 2008, my list does not include selling to a major Big-6, Big-5, or, um, Big-4…whatever they’ve merged to…publisher. Times, sales figures for dark paranormals, and mindsets, are definitely a-changin’!

I hope you’re having a wonderful new year so far, sticking to all those New Year resolutions. I made two resolutions this year: do less, and more. Do less TV watching and more moving. Eat less chocolate and more vegetables. Drink less soda, drink more water. Here’s to a great year ahead of us!

And because I love adding those little JibJab videos to the end of every New Year post, here’s the one for 2012. I have to admit I haven’t liked the last two year’s, but this one is much better.


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