Early taste of Seattle Wolf Pack #2!

Hi all! After the Covet Twitter chat (which was too much fun!), I’ve been getting a ton of requests to post a teaser for Seattle Wolf Pack #2. While this isn’t usually done (this passage hasn’t even made it through edits yet), I just got approval from my editor and publicist to give you a sneak peek. To give you the rundown, Logan Black is a former Marine turned Seattle Wolf Pack bodyguard. Veronica Vale is a wedding planner whom Logan has been hired to guard. After one of Veronica’s planned weddings, she’s about to leave, but can’t because there’s something wrong with her car. Never fear…guess who’s there to fix it? Yup. Smokin’ hot Logan. At this point in the story, Veronica doesn’t know that she’s being stalked by a rogue member of the wolf pack, and Logan doesn’t know why he’s drawn to this human woman as much as he is. He’s just asked her if there’s someone she can call to come pick her up…
     “There’s no one,” she whispered. “But if you fixed the fuse, why can’t I drive myself home?”
     “Well, there are two reasons. For one, if someone pulled the fuse from your car, there could be other things wrong that I can’t see.  Your brakes could be cut or your tires could be punctured, among other things.”
     “What’s the second reason?”
     I wanted to take you home myself.
     Logan couldn’t help but catch the subtle hint of a challenge behind her eyes. The thought of kissing the woman he was hired to protect was absolutely absurd. He had a job to do—a job that he was damn good at and had never failed at before. But he’d never felt this kind of raw, animal chemistry before, either. If he could taste the sweetness of Veronica’s skin without putting his mouth on her, how would she taste when he licked a hot, wet line between her breasts? If her scent was already making him feel intoxicated, how drunk would he be when he buried his face in her smooth, dark mane of silky hair and wedged his hips between her thighs?
     Was it the night and the privacy of the empty lot? The way Veronica was staring at him with those innocent doe-eyes? The glasses of champagne he’d had on an empty stomach? Add those things to the fact that Jake had specifically told Logan not to get too involved, and he was screwed.
     Nothing tasted sweeter than forbidden fruit.
     Whatever the cause, need clawed its way through him. Logan had the sudden urge to possess her, toss her over his shoulder, and drive her to heaven.
     “Have your car towed to a shop and inspected by a professional.” When Logan finally spoke, his voice was raw and rough, even to his own ears. “It’d be my pleasure to take you home tonight. And if you let me do that, I promise the rest of the pleasure will be yours.”
There you have it! I don’t have a release date for the book yet, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know!

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