KristinMiller_TheCowboyRopesABride_2500pxThe Cowboy Ropes a Bride

A Kiss County novel



With a breakout movie role and a reputation for being sexy, stubborn, and hard-to-control, actress Tessa Grant has quickly become Hollywood’s hottest “It Girl”. When an embarrassing public breakup with her manager causes her upcoming movie deal to shatter, Tessa heads to the reclusive Kiss and Tell Mountain Retreat, where no one will know her name.

Old-school cowboy Channing McCord is determined to live a quiet, simple life. Saddled with debt after a nasty divorce, McCord Ranch is the only thing he has left—well, that, and a lazy basset hound named Moose. Although Channing has sworn off women, the scorching-hot city girl he finds poking around his ranch is a temptation he can’t resist.

Comforted by the fact that Channing doesn’t know her true identity, Tessa lets her guard down, and opens her heart. Their passion blazes hotter than the summer sun, but he’s tied to the ranch, and it’s clear she doesn’t belong in his world. When Tessa is offered the role of her dreams, she must decide whether to brush the dust off her career and head back to Hollywood, or stay with the cowboy who roped her wild heart.