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Early taste of Seattle Wolf Pack #2!

Hi all! After the Covet Twitter chat (which was too much fun!), I’ve been getting a ton of requests to post a teaser for Seattle Wolf Pack #2. While this isn’t usually done (this passage hasn’t even made it through edits yet), I just got approval from my editor and publicist to give you a sneak peek. To give you the rundown, Logan Black is a former Marine turned Seattle Wolf Pack bodyguard. Veronica Vale is a wedding planner whom Logan has been hired to guard. After one of Veronica’s planned weddings, she’s about to leave, but can’t because there’s something wrong with her car. Never fear…guess who’s there to fix it? Yup. Smokin’ hot Logan. At this point in the story, Veronica doesn’t know that she’s being stalked by a rogue member of the wolf pack, and Logan doesn’t know why he’s drawn to this human woman as much as he is. He’s just asked her if there’s someone she can call to come pick her up…
     “There’s no one,” she whispered. “But if you fixed the fuse, why can’t I drive myself home?”
     “Well, there are two reasons. For one, if someone pulled the fuse from your car, there could be other things wrong that I can’t see.  Your brakes could be cut or your tires could be punctured, among other things.”
     “What’s the second reason?”
     I wanted to take you home myself.
     Logan couldn’t help but catch the subtle hint of a challenge behind her eyes. The thought of kissing the woman he was hired to protect was absolutely absurd. He had a job to do—a job that he was damn good at and had never failed at before. But he’d never felt this kind of raw, animal chemistry before, either. If he could taste the sweetness of Veronica’s skin without putting his mouth on her, how would she taste when he licked a hot, wet line between her breasts? If her scent was already making him feel intoxicated, how drunk would he be when he buried his face in her smooth, dark mane of silky hair and wedged his hips between her thighs?
     Was it the night and the privacy of the empty lot? The way Veronica was staring at him with those innocent doe-eyes? The glasses of champagne he’d had on an empty stomach? Add those things to the fact that Jake had specifically told Logan not to get too involved, and he was screwed.
     Nothing tasted sweeter than forbidden fruit.
     Whatever the cause, need clawed its way through him. Logan had the sudden urge to possess her, toss her over his shoulder, and drive her to heaven.
     “Have your car towed to a shop and inspected by a professional.” When Logan finally spoke, his voice was raw and rough, even to his own ears. “It’d be my pleasure to take you home tonight. And if you let me do that, I promise the rest of the pleasure will be yours.”
There you have it! I don’t have a release date for the book yet, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know!

Emerging from the writing cave

Hi all! I’m peeking out from my writing cave with some updates!

I’m working hard on Seattle Wolf Pack #2, which is Logan Black’s story. Logan made a brief appearance in Gone with the Wolf, as Emelia’s bodyguard, and I loved him so much that he had to have a story of his own. I posted the heroine’s details on Twitter yesterday. If you’re interested, you can take a peek: @KM_Miller. And hey, follow me while you’re there. I’ll follow you back!

Umm…What else is new?

Starting tomorrow, Gone with the Wolf is going to be Kindle’s Romance Novel of the Week! I’m really, super excited about this, guys. I hope Gone with the Wolf reaches more people and everyone gets a chance to really fall in love with Drake and Emelia. I know I did. 🙂

Earlier this week, I went on a writing retreat in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was a blast! Susan Hatler, Sara Ramsey, Kate Perry and I each had some sort of a deadline coming up (either self or publisher imposed), so the timing was really great.

What do writers do when they first meet up, you ask?

june 2013


We gab. We drink wine. We eat cheese and crackers and chocolate. It was maybe, ten minutes of that before we buckled down and got to work. We’re dedicated, yo!

june 2013a


Our schedule? Up between 6-9. Write over breakfast until lunch. Break for lunch for 45 min or so. Back to writing until 6pm. Eat dinner. Back to writing until midnight. It was really hardcore, but in that environment, with other writers frantically writing beside me, I got A TON of words cranked out.

me and susan


That’s me and the cutie-patootie Susan taking a break. There were also breakthroughs…below is a picture of me having one:

jumping in arnold


Sara Ramsey had to leave early to get to work (boo!), but that meant that I got to ride home with the other two ladies and we had too much fun for words.


car ride


I can’t speak for the other gals, but in two days, I edited 100 pages, and wrote 40 more. It was the most I’d ever written in that amount of time, and when I got home to re-read the pages, I was shocked to find that I’m keeping almost every word! Over the course of the trip, I laughed until I cried more times than I could count. We saw beautiful birds, a jackrabbit (which made me want to put the word “jackrabbit” in my next book–it’s there), squirrels, and Susan thought she saw a bear. We weren’t worried. Kate is a ninja and would’ve taken care of us.

I’m ready to go back. 🙂

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday!

I’ve got some updates:

Gone with the Wolf’s cover reveal went off this week without a hitch. Here’s the cover in all it’s glory:



Isn’t it gorgeous?!? I set the cover as my desktop wallpaper because I can’t stop staring. 🙂

It’s up for pre-order on Amazon, although it doesn’t release until Tuesday.

Now for the calls to action…

If you are interested in reading Gone with the Wolf for FREE before it releases, my publicists can hook that up for you! Go HERE and fill out the simple form and that’s it! All we’re asking is that you review it on a few social media sites (like Amazon, and B& within two weeks of its release.

If you’ve got a book or review blog that you’d like me to visit for a guest post or interview (yay!), I’d love to stop by and promote on my social media sites when the post goes live. Contact my publicists JJ Bonds (  or Jaime Arnold ( to sign up for Gone with the Wolf’s blog tour!

Stay tuned the next couple weeks–I’ll be having tons of giveaways of some really cool things (including a Kindle) and will be mailing off a bunch of swag for early reviews.

Can’t wait until Tuesday!





Demand of the Dragon is live!

Hey all! Guess what? Demand of the Dragon released today from Harlequin Nocturne (Cravings), and no, that’s no April Fool’s joke. Demand of the Dragon is the third book in the Isle of Feralon series (preceded by Claimed by Desire and Forbidden by Fate), but you don’t have to have read the others to enjoy this story. Each novella features a different hero and heroine and follows their journey from broken and lonely to happy and in love.


Demand of the DragonDespite their attraction, dragon shifter Caleb Rycroft always saw Lucy Sheffield as off-limits. Now, three years after mysteriously disappearing, Caleb has returned and wants nothing more than to show Lucy the ecstasy that can be shared between dragon and rider. But Lucy is set to claim another dragon at her brother’s demand… In order to stop the arranged claiming, he and Lucy must embark on a frantic mission to find her brother and extinguish a growing threat to their entire isle. If they fail, the island of Feralon will perish…along with any hopes Caleb had to explore his forbidden desire for Lucy…


Get the book:


Barnes & Noble



I’d absolutely LOVE if you picked up a copy on your e-reader and reviewed it. Or heck, just head over to Amazon and ‘like’ the book. Or add it to your Goodreads shelf. Any of those would make my day.

This Friday, April 5th, I’ll be over at the Harlequin Paranormal Blog talking about some of the enchanted aspects of Isle of Feralon and why I’d kill to visit the fictional place.





Last Vamp Standing Photo Giveaway!

I’m so excited the day is finally here!

Last Vamp Standing releases in Target tomorrow!

I’m over the moon, guys. Thrilled. I’m a little shaky and very nervous. It’s been a dream of mine to see my books on bookstore shelves, and now that it’s finally happening, I can’t believe it. Really. I feel like it’s all going to be a big prank. A part of me is holding onto the foolish thought that I’m going to walk into the stores, camera in hand, unable to stop my fidgeting hands…and not see the book there.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow by posting pictures on my official Facebook page at

Because it would just make my world to see pictures of Last Vamp Standing in Targets across the country, I’m doing a photo giveaway for signed copies of InterVamption and Vamped Up, the first two books in the Vampires of Crimson Bay series! All you have to do is go into your local Target, take a picture of the book on the shelves, log in to Facebook, and tag me at AuthorKristinMiller. You’ll get one entry for the picture, and another for SHARING my Facebook status that mentions this giveaway. I’ll choose a winner on April 2nd, two weeks after the release.

I’m so excited to see your shots. I’m so giddy that somewhere, hopefully, there’ll be others going into Targets all across the country, snapping pictures. This is my dream come true, y’all. Be on the journey with me. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!



Goals for 2012 evaluated, goals for 2013 and a JibJab!

Every year when January rolls around I take a look back at my goals from the year before. I judge how I did, how I should’ve done, where I went wrong, how I can do better, etc. And every year I put those goals on my blog for all the world to see, and make new goals so that the world can hold me accountable if I biff it.

So here goes…


*Final in the Daphne (I want this sucker so bad…)
*Write and sell a third (and maybe a fourth) novella in the Isle of Feralon series for HQN (Cravings)
*Write every day
*Write and sell another dark, gritty, sexy paranormal full-length novel to a major publishing house for a traditional print run. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with HarperCollins again…time will tell.

How’d I fare? I finaled in the Daphne! Yay! That one has been on my “goal list” for years, and I’m thrilled to say I can finally mark it off. I did write and sell a third and fourth book in the Isle of Feralon series to Harlequin Nocturne (Cravings). The fourth book isn’t written yet, but it should be finished by the end of January. I wrote every day…just about. I mean, I usually take a day off each week to recharge, and I typically take 1-2 weeks off between books to plot the next one, so with the exception of those times, I was right on target! I did write and sell another sexy full-length paranormal to an awesome publisher. In fact, I sold three in that series. J I can’t go into details yet, but let’s just say I wrote the book with a certain publisher (and certain editor) in mind, and they (she) loved it! Also…Last Vamp Standing is going to be available in Target stores nationwide at the end of February, which means I get to work with the fantabulous HarperCollins folks for a while longer. That was something I didn’t see coming. J


Release schedule for 2012 (4 books):

One Night to Remember: March

Claimed by Desire: May

Forbidden by Fate: July

Last Vamp Standing: August


Release schedule for 2013 (4, maybe 5 books):

Gone with the Wolf: tentative March release

Demand of the Dragon: April

Craving #4: TBA

Untitled #2 in “wolf” series: TBA

Untitled #3 in “wolf” series: TBA


I have to say, I’m pretty close to meeting my goals every year. Either that means I’m working my ass off to get there or I’m not aiming high enough.


My goals for 2013:

  • Final in the RITA’s (I entered Claimed by Desire and Forbidden by Fate, the first two novellas in my Isle of Feralon series.)

  • Final in the Daphne (I’ll enter Last Vamp Standing into the published paranormal category when the contest opens. It’s the third in the series, so there’s a chance it won’t final since the judges probably won’t have read the first two, but I’ve got to try.)

  • Write the two remaining books in the series I just sold.

  • Write the fourth Isle of Feralon novella.

  • Reach more readers through digital avenues.

  • Write every day.


Note: For the first time since I started writing in 2008, my list does not include selling to a major Big-6, Big-5, or, um, Big-4…whatever they’ve merged to…publisher. Times, sales figures for dark paranormals, and mindsets, are definitely a-changin’!

I hope you’re having a wonderful new year so far, sticking to all those New Year resolutions. I made two resolutions this year: do less, and more. Do less TV watching and more moving. Eat less chocolate and more vegetables. Drink less soda, drink more water. Here’s to a great year ahead of us!

And because I love adding those little JibJab videos to the end of every New Year post, here’s the one for 2012. I have to admit I haven’t liked the last two year’s, but this one is much better.

Scene Magazine

Great news! I was featured in November’s issue of Scene Magazine, in the article titled “Love, Lust & Lit”. There are other fabulous authors  featured as well (Rachael Herron, Veronica Wolff, Bella Andre to name a few). If you’re interested, you can take a look at the online copy here:

Since the magazine is only found in Silicon Valley, Marin, and the East Bay of California, I had to take a little trip to pick up a copy!

Look! I'm on a magazine stand!


Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? (Don’t mind the no-makeup, frizzed-hair look I sported. It was raining and misty and we traveled to three different stores to find a copy.)

I’ve got more great news to share soon…very soon. As soon as I get the go-ahead I’ll be posting it here.

Happy reading!

Year in Review

I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2011 already. A whole lot has happened this year, both good and bad, but overall I was very blessed.

On the family front, we bought a cabin at our favorite mountain spot, took trips to Monterey, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, L.A. and Humboldt. (Not including the trip I took by myself to RWA New York City!!) We picnicked, spa’d, soccered, laughed, smore’d, bbq’d and all around cherished our time together.

On the writing front, I published three books this year, got some really great reviews, sold three other books that are coming out in 2012, met some of my writing idols, killed a chunk of my TBR pile, and learned some tools to help me with character development that I hadn’t thought about before.

And, if you don’t mind, I’d like to keep my NYE tradition alive…I make really freaking lofty goals every year, strive my best to do a tad over normal, then see where I land.

Here’s my list of goals for 2011 that I wrote at the end of 2010:

*Sell a book in The Crimson Bay Series to one of the major publishing houses in NYC.
*Find an editor who believes in my work like I do.
*Write every day
*Spend more time enjoying the little things rather than worrying about them.
*Finish another two books: the third in The Crimson Bay Seres and another (maybe a paranormal YA??? I’m tossing ideas around…)
*Final in the Daphne duMaurier Contest
*Final in the Golden Heart Contest

Now…for those of you in the writing biz, you know how hard some of those goals are to reach in a single year. (A final in both Daphne and GH?!? What was I thinking?)

But overall I think I did all right. I didn’t only find one editor who believes in my work, but two. I’m working with the wonderfully talented Esi Sogah over at HarperCollins and AnnLeslie Tuttle at Harlequin. What stuns me about these women is that they’re not only knock-your-socks-off smart, but very kind. They not only care about the writing, but about the writers, as well. I’m a lucky gal.

I didn’t write every day, but darn close…minus the two month hiatus when I had men working in my kitchen during the remodel. My writing time was sucked up into the Home Depot vortex. Other than that, I think I was on the money.

I have been enjoying the little things. Instead of worrying how I’m going to afford gas back and forth to San Francisco Friday and Saturday for SFARWA meetings, I just go to the dinners Friday night, have a great freaking time, turn around, drive home, drive back in the morning, spend time with really great friends, and figure the friendships made are worth more than the money spent. That’s just one example, but a good one, I think.

I didn’t finish the third book in the Vampires of Crimson Bay series, but it’s 1/4 done and IT SOLD to Avon Impulse, the publisher who bought the first two. I also wrote two paranormal novellas and sold them to Harlequin Cravings.

(And, in case you were curious, I don’t have any plans to write a paranormal YA. Not anymore. I’ve got two other paranormal series stirring up in my brain after the Vampires of Crimson Bay series. I’m going to focus on those. My agent will KILL ME if I come at her with a YA at this point. ;))

Lastly, I didn’t final in either contest. HOWEVER, I got really good scores (or at least really good for me–best yet),and one of my critique partners finaled. Seeing her all dolled up, heading to the Death by Chocolate Award Ceremony at RWA in NYC…I just couldn’t be happier for her. For now, I’m living vicariously through her. 🙂

Okay…Really Freaking Lofty Writing Goals for 2012…that’s the official title. Officially.

*Final in the Daphne (I want this sucker so bad…)
*Write and sell a third (and maybe a forth) novella in the Isle of Feralon series for HQN (Cravings)
*Write every day
*Write and sell another dark, gritty, sexy paranormal full-length novel to a major publishing house for a traditional print run. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with HarperCollins again…time will tell.

Okay…I think that’s it. Of course I could say I want a brilliantly starred RT review or to hit the NYT and USA Today Bestsellers lists, but I won’t put those goals here. Not yet. I haven’t made it to the point where I can start looking that far ahead without feeling like it’s unreachable. Know what I mean? It’s like waking up every morning saying you’re going to hit the lottery. Sure, it’s a goal. It could happen. But that doesn’t belong on any Really Freaking Lofty Goal Lists either.

And what would a year in review be without The Year in Review from JibJab? Enjoy!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Bring it, 2012! I’m ready!