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How’d I celebrate the release of Vamped Up, you ask?

There were bright, happy faces…(A rare pic of Husband–he’s the hunky, hunky, cheesy one on the right.)

There was cinnamon coffee cake…LOTS OF IT…

There was Settler’s…(I was red and ended up winning only 1 game of 3 for the night.)

And there was Guiness…

I’d say I had a damn good release day.

(Side note: I took the wild goose that we found in our backyard to our local Wildlife Rescue Center. Turns out it wasn’t a goose at all. It was an American Coot.
It’d somehow flown in from the river, hurt it’s wing and couldn’t get back. The Wildlife Rescue is going to fix him right up and set him free. Good deed done for the day!!)

Vamped Up release day!

Today was a big day.

VAMPED UP released!

I celebrated by going to a local bookclub (Hello Monday Mamas!) and eavesdropping while they ooh’d and aah’d over someone else’s book. (The author was a friend of mine and her work is really great, so I didn’t mind sharing the spotlight. :wink:) I drank coffee, laughed, talked writing and the future of my series. It was a perfect morning.

This afternoon I cooked. Cleaned. Did laundry. Oh, and chased a poor, little helpless goose who’d somehow lost his way. He showed up on our back porch. Our yapping terrier nearly got to him, but I noticed the little guy in time. We corralled him in some brush and put him in a cat-cage. He was scared and no doubt, hungry, but at least he’s out of the cold for the night with some chicken feed and water. I’m going to call the local wildlife rescue service in the morning and see what they can do for him.

What are my plans tonight, you ask? I’m going to scratch up some homemade coffee cake (after I borrow some flour from my neighbor), make a rich cup of coffee, spike it with some Bailey’s, and play Settler’s of Catan with Husband and a friend. Check back later and I just might post a picture!

Can’t wait.

Oh! And Goddess Fish is hosting a virtual blog tour for the release. If you comment on any of the blog posts, you’re entered into a giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon giftcard. Stop by and say Hi! If you’ve got questions for me to answer or just want to show some love, this is the time to do it. I’ll be popping in and out of the blogs all week, looking for questions and comments.

Here’s the schedule:
December 5: My bookish ways
December 6: Reader Girls
December 7: Among the Muses
December 8: AsianCocoa’s Secret Garden
December 9: Parajunkee’s View
December 9: Immortality and Beyond