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Dreaming about your hero. And a contract!

I had the craziest dream last night. I’m typing it down as fast as I can so I don’t forget any details…I’m sure if I went on with my day, the dream would vanish and I’d barely remember my Hero being in it.

That’s right. I had the very first dream about my hero, Ruan, from Immortal, Beloved.

It was freaking awesome.

The dream started out with my travels in a foreign country. (I’m thinking Russia, although I’ve never known Russia to be that country-fied-rural and my book isn’t set there.) I came upon his ranch, where he lived with his step-father, mother and a bunch of brothers and sisters. I was lost. He offered to show me the way back to society, after he finished a couple things he had to do for the day. So I followed him around while he expertly ran this hundred acre ranch. We talked. And talked. And talked.

He was such a gentleman! Helping me over fallen limbs. Carrying me over rivers so my shoes didn’t soak. Holding my hand to guide me around trees and over fences. Wanna hear the crazy thing? I was me. I had a husband of nine years–we talked about him and how great he is. I had two children–he mentioned how he wanted kids eventually. I felt like from a few hours time, we were long lost friends.

Soon, his quietly bold attitude and some of the things he said started to trigger my brain. I felt like I knew this guy. The logical part of my head kept trying to place him somewhere in my waking life, but couldn’t.

When it was time to leave, for him to show me the way home, I asked for his name and was blown away.


What a surprise–even to myself. I was so shocked! It all made sense! The chivalry! His rugged good looks! His mannerisms! The way I felt like I’d known him forever!

Thank you Ruan, for showing me how unforgettable you are. You came to life for me. And soon, you’ll come to life for everyone else.

**I signed my Harper Collins contract yesterday! It’s on its way to Spencerhill, then back to the publishing house. (Very side note: I’m going to write a post soon about how important it is to have a good agent who fights for you and your interests. Those contracts are sticky. I got very lucky.) It rained yesterday too! All-around perfect day around these parts.


Something amazing happened last night while I was sleeping…

I dreamt of my hero from my WIP. And I was in the story with him!

Now, what you have to understand is, I dream a lot. Almost every night. Some of those are recurring dreams, not anything scary just re-dos down to the last detail. But I haven’t yet had a dream about a scene I’m writing, a scene to be written or any characters from my manuscripts.

Until now.

In my dream I was kidnapped (does that word apply when you’re no longer a kid? hope so.), and somehow changed into a vampire (this part was skimmed over–you know, like a dream sequence fly-by that just is because it…is). Anyway, my hero (who looked very much the way I envisioned him–dark skull-trim cut, mesmerizing eyes, strong jaw, muscle bound, yummy), was assigned to transport me to my new coven. I had to spend three days in the back of a van, in the dark, with nothing or no one to talk to except him. And being the thoughtful, rule-breaking hero he is, he sneaked me into a movie theatre for a late night showing of something I really wanted to see. It was great. Even though he’s brash and strong, dutiful and quick-witted, he wanted to take care of me…went out of his way (and against direct orders) to make sure I felt comfortable with him. Yeah, he’s pretty stellar.

When I woke up this morning I had an epiphany. He’s real. I’ve written him so well, gotten into his head so much that he’s taken on an identity that’s solid enough for me to dream about. It’s a wonderful thing.

I wonder if authors often dream of their characters? And I wonder if they dream of them before they’re created (giving way to heroic inspiration for their story) or after (cementing their character traits in dreamland)? Care to weigh in?