The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Today has turned out to be a freaking awesome day. Good. One of the best in a long while. First, as I was shopping in Target this morning, I got a call from my agent. She had great news to share…that I’m not going to announce just yet.

Then I came home and had a package from HarperCollins waiting for me. (Those are always THE BEST. Like Christmas. And your birthday. Times ten.) Take a look at what was inside:

Early copies of VAMPED UP! They’re GORGEOUS. Breathtaking. Prettier than I thought they’d be. The e-copies (found at pretty much any e-retailer) release Dec 6th. (THAT’S NEXT TUESDAY!!) The print version releases Dec 27.

Now you ready for The Bad?

No, I didn’t find a new and creative way to point UP. (Hardy-freakin’-har!) I sliced my finger open while cutting onions yesterday afternoon. It was a new knife. A slippery onion peel. I dug into my flesh, bled a ton, and even cut through my nail bed. It was nasty. I rushed to the doctor to see if I needed stitches, if they could re-attach the flap that’d come off. No stitches, but they glued the skin and nail back in place and strapped down some surgical tape. Now I have to wear the funky hand bandage from hell for a week.

Want to see The Ugly picture of the cut?

Told you it was ugly. That whole sliced part is REMOVABLE. :shudder:

It’s the little things…

I wasn’t expecting a package from UPS yesterday, so you can imagine my surprise when the big and brown truck pulled in front of my house and blared the horn. The package was big. Fluffy. The return address read “Harper Collins Publishers.”

My heart sped.

Look what was inside:

There’s a bracelet, a NYC magnet featuring Times Square, a subway map in a nifty little holder, and a book called, “My First New York” about famous people and their first trips to the city. In case you haven’t heard, RWA’s national conference is being held in New York City next week. I’ll be there from Monday-Saturday.

This little package, preparing me for my trip, was over the top. I cried. The publisher didn’t have to send anything like this. They didn’t have to think of me…but they did. It was the littlest thing–a bag filled with goodies—that made all the difference for me; I still don’t think of myself as “making it” in the writing industry (and doubt I’ll ever think that way), but as of yesterday I feel like I’m giving NYC a run for its money.

Writing update: I’m on Chapter 3 of my novella, still on page 60 of Book3 in the Crimson Bay Series. I should be finished with the novella by the conference and Book3 by Fall. And I must admit, I’m having much more fun writing the novella than I thought I would!