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Would you rather…

write one book that hits HARRY POTTER/TWILIGHT hard, then drop off the face of the publishing earth,


write book after book, making a long-standing career in the writing industry?

I’ve heard this question asked a ton. By my non-writing friends. By critique partners. And I think the response could depend on where in the writing industry you stand. If you’ve already hit it big and can’t seem to make another book work as well (anyone read Meyer’s The Host?), you may long for a slow and steady career. But, I could imagine someone on the other foot, coveting that #1 NYT or USA Today Bestseller slot.

I’m not sure where I stand. I look at the Twihards and Potterfreaks and think wouldn’t it be cool to have a following like that? I could only dream of writing something so profound that it comes to life and overtakes a generation. All Rowling’s money aside (and it’d take boatloads to cast that lot aside, I’m sure), I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to write anything again, for fear it’ll inevitably be measured against Harry Potter…and fail.

Could I write one book or a series of books and be done? Could I stuff the storytelling inside me? I don’t think so…

It makes me wonder where Rowling hides her scribbling notebooks. And how much they’ll be worth when they’re uncovered.

What about you? Which would you rather write? One HUGE hit or a series of steady ones? (Not that we have any control over that, of course, but it’s fun to ponder.)

Where would you go? Who would you be?

Recovering from knee surgery is rough on the brain. Seriously. There is only so much television you can watch and let me tell you, there’s trashy Court TV on in the afternoons and THAT’S IT! I’ve edited my last manuscript, wrote and edited my query, edited my synopsis, and now I’m back to vegging. I also only have about fifty pages left of JR Ward’s Lover Unbound. It’s deliciously good, but I’m just not in the mood to finish it yet.

All this build up leads me to today’s post. I’m in serious need of brain stimulation. Bear with me.

If you could live in any novel, as any character, where would you live and who would you be? (Oh boy, I hear the Bella’s of the world jumping up and down from here. Quiet, you.)

I thought about this one a lot. My immediate response was Rebecca because Manderley is simply too beautiful not to experience first hand…but who would I be? The murdered wife? The guilty but forgivable husband? The meek and tortured new wife? Or how about the evil, yet somehow sympathetic Mrs. Danvers? As appealing as they are, I’ll have to pass on every one.

Or what about JR Ward’s series The BlackDagger Brotherhood? It would be pretty cool to be protected by those strong and sexy alpha males, that’s the truth…but where’s the fun out of the bedroom? (Not that you’d ever have to leave, of course.)

I think I’m going to choose Harry Potter…any one of the series. Show me one person on the planet who wouldn’t want to live at Hogwarts and I’ll show you a liar. I wouldn’t want to be a pesky muggle or an instructor. (It’s tempting to say I’d like to be Snape or Dumbledore, but Snape’s got too much drama going on bouncing between Good and Evil and Dumbledore has too much responsibility in all that. I’m looking for fun, remember?)

So Hogwarts it is. I’m riding the train, shopping in Diagon Alley, taking wizarding classes and loving every second. And I think out of all the characters, I’d like to be Ginny Weasely. She comes from a stable family whose house brims with love. Okay, they’re weirder than hell, but I bet once you joined the ranks you’d have a blast. And who wouldn’t love to be around her twin brothers for a day?!? I bet they’d make me laugh so hard magic chocolate milk would come screaming out my nose. She’s innocent and cute, separate from the drama plaguing Harry, Hermione and Ron, but still a brave player in the grand scheme.

And she gets the guy. Doesn’t get better than that.

So just for fun, if you could jump into any story, live amidst any pages, where would you chose? And whose shoes would you wear for a bit?