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Intervamption GIVEAWAYS

At the moment, there are only two ways you can get your hands on a free copy of Intervamption.

1-Follow and comment on my interview post over at My Bookish Ways. The wonderful blog mistress, Kristin (I just adore her name–heh), is giving away a print copy of the book. The giveaway ends in 10 days.

2-Follow the scavenger hunt clues from Darker Temptations that should’ve led you here. We’re kicking off the blog right and giving away A TON of awesome books. (The rules and timeline for the hunt should be up at Darker Temptations sometime today, though I think the deadline is Sunday. Keep checking back!) For the chance to win a kindle version of Intervamption, you should be looking for the answer to my clue: the name of my favorite pizza place. Find the right answer somewhere on my blog and take it back to Darker Temptations. Follow the rules for your chance to win! Good luck!

So there you have it! If you win the print copy of Intervamption and would like a bookmark (or 2!) to go along with it, email me and I’ll get you one. If you win the kindle copy of Intervamption, go to and request an autograph. I’d love to digitally sign your book!



Talks of e-books and the e-revolution buzzed around RWA national this year. Everywhere you turned, people were talking about the “future of publishing” and what that meant.

No one had any solid answers.

BUT one very valid concern did grind my brain more than others: What will happen to book signings and author autographed copies of books once the world turns digital?

Kindlegraph has answered the question. allows authors to electronically sign kindle copies of their books! How cool is that?!?

I’ve already signed up both Dark Tide Rising and InterVamption. I’ve already had a few requests for both books–even before I signed up. Aww, shucks, you guys. Nothing like making a girl blush.

Now, I guess, the only question is how this process is going to work when readers want the same experience of waiting in line to meet their favorite authors and get that coveted autograph. Will it be the same? No. Probably not. I think Kindlegraph is simply the first phase of many…one part of the transition of the e-revolution…but what a great one it is!

It’s also super easy to sign up. All you need is your kindle/amazon email. I’ll be checking my Kindlegraph account regularly…hope to see your request there! 😀


Webster’s Dictionary defines “kindle” as this:

kindle–verb (used with object)
1. to start (a fire); cause (a flame, blaze, etc.) to begin burning.
2. to set fire to or ignite (fuel or any combustible matter).
3. to excite; stir up or set going; animate; rouse; inflame: He kindled their hopes of victory.
4. to light up, illuminate, or make bright: Happiness kindled her eyes.

I define kindle as this:

Ain’t it purdy?

I can’t believe I actually have one–Thank you Coolest Mother Ever. I was hesitant, I have to admit. Way hesitant. I didn’t know if reading the printed page would be the same as reading the Kindle screen–It is! It really is! There are books on my shelves that haven’t gotten hand-time and are extremely jealous right now.

But at this point, I don’t care. (Sorry, sad little Sudden Death. Don’t look so glum. Your Death came *rather Suddenly* before the Kindle graced my fingers. I started Carnal Sin, the second in Allison Brennan’s Seven Deadly Sins series, and am now hooked beyond repair–Sudden Death is waiting until the other five in the series are written and published. Get to it, Brennan! *wink)

The rest can sit for awhile longer. At least until I’ve finished a book or two on the New and Interesting. They should understand the excitement and wonder. I’ve got a bright and shiny new Kindle 3 with 3G for crying out loud! (Thank you again Coolest Mother Ever! Wasn’t that the perfect gift for getting an e-pub contract? An e-reader to e-read my e-book? Heh.)

I’m excited. Stirred up. Roused. Inflamed. Illuminated with joy. The true definition of kindle.

But don’t worry books on my shelves, I won’t set fire or ignite you. You won’t become kindle. Not until I download you, anyway.