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I’ve been writing like a madwoman this week. Husband has been uber supportive, leaving me alone, kid-free (gasp!) to write my brains out. Wednesday I put myself under a harsh deadline: 15K words by Monday. The reason for such insanity, you might ask? Because I need to mail out my “completed” book to RWA’s Golden Heart contest by then.

It should be doable. 15K words in six days boils down to about 2500 words a day. Surprisingly, I think I’m going to finish ahead of schedule. Thursday I wrote 4500 words. Yesterday I wrote 3000. They’re rushed and new and scattered, but they’re there.

I think I may end up being an inadvertent Nano winner this year. After our Disneyland trip (where I didn’t write a lick but had oh so much fun) I realized I wasn’t going to finish Nano. You can’t really expect to skip four days and still hit the 50K word mark…but if I keep up the grueling pace I just might do it!

So if you don’t hear from me today, tomorrow or Monday, you’ll know why. I’m under deadline! Go, you crazy Nanoers out there, Go! I’m right there with you!



Nanowrimo: Program in which participants write 50,000 words in 30 days.
As in “I’m going to participate in Nanowrimo this November!”

Nanoing: The act of participating in the Nanowrimo program.
As in “Don’t bother me this morning, or any other morning this month, I’m Nanoing.”

Wrimo: Person who participates in Nanowrimo
As in “Wrimos unite! Let’s get this novel done!”

Nanofried: Term used to describe a person who is physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally drained thanks to the gruelling Nanowrimo pace
As in “I’m sorry, Sparky, I shouldn’t take you for your walk today, or tomorrow, or the next day, I’m Nanofried and my eyes are blurring. Is that your leash or your tail?”

Wrislo: Person who participates in Nano for the fun of it and writes at their own pace with no intention of finishing 50,000 in 30 days
As in “I’m going to participate in Nanowrimo, but I’m going to be one of those keep-their-sanity Wrislo’s.”

Nanomania: The craziness that happens around the world in November
As in “Nanomania is sweeping the world! One gazillion words have been written thus far!”

Nanobuddy: Person who agrees to go through the Nanowrimo process with you, posting their word-count-meters on your site as they go
As in “Come on, Nanobuddy, you can do it! Don’t get discouraged by my 40,000 word count on week two, just keep plugging away! Write at your own pace, but you’re gonna lose!”

Nanotorture: What happens to homes and families wherein one person is participating in Nanowrimo
As in “Make sure to stock the refrigerator and do all the laundry before Nanowrimo begins, so you’re not nanotorturing your family by ignoring them for 30 days.”

Nanobug: The insatiable desire to participate in Nanowrimo every year
As in “I love Nanowrimo so much, I’m going to do it every year! You should do it to! You need to hang around with me more and maybe rub fingers with my computer so you can catch my Nanobug!”

Nanowinner: Term used to describe a person who completes the goal of 50,000 words in 30 days.
As in “I did it! I’m officially insane, but I’m a Nanowinner! Where’s my badge?”

Nanoloser: This word doesn’t exist in any language. If you compete in Nanowrimo, you’ve earned non-loser status.

Nanodementia : Term used to describe a person who believes their Nanoing has no ill effects on those around them.
As in “I do NOT have Nanodementia! You have clothes to wear, give me a break…so what if you’ve worn the same thing since November began a few weeks ago. I think body odor is becoming.”

Nanobyproxy: Disease whereby someone is kept up to speed on all Nanohappenings thanks to being best friends/related to someone who is participating. Can often lead to Nanodementia and the break down of social relationships.
As in “I think I need an Advil…and a lobotomy. Would you stop that incessant tap-tap-tapping already?!? Get away from me! I’m tired of having Nanobyproxy!”

*So whatcha think? This was way fun. The sentences were cheesy and dry, but it’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet. Got any other good Nanoisms to add? I’ll update my list and repost it later if you’ve got a good one!

Where the birth of a NanoDictionary happens.

I grabbed my cup of coffee this morning (Starbuck’s home grounds with natural Caramel flavors–Yum!) and sat down to write a blog post. I spent some time perusing through blogs I follow (as I usually do), saw most people drowning in Nano’s wicked waters, and found other helpful information on agent-editor contract negotiations.

Usually that’s all it takes for a hint of a post to spark.

Not today.

I’m Nanofried. That’s a new word. And during Nano month you’re not supposed to edit, so there you have it.

I’m about 3K words behind where I need to be. (My Nano meter on the site desperately needs to be updated, but that takes time, and my time is either spent writing or catching up around the house.)

I can imagine that doing Nanowrimo might be a little like what it must be to be up against a deadline. (Didn’t you hate all those teeny-tiny words clumped together just there? There’d be a better way to write that sentence, no? But no eidting, remember? Heh. There I go again.)

Anyway, you have to pump out your story. You have a time frame to do it in that seems darn near impossible. Everyone around you is cheering you on. You can finish! You can succeed! You’re so close! Dedicate yourself to writing!

And then the world steps in. Children beckon (or whine, holler, scream, fight, and generally distract from your work-in-progress). Laundry piles up and you’re tired of wearing your sweats all day–okay, so this could never happen, but still. Your family is starting to notice and intervene by bringing over Gallon bottles of Tide.
Dinner consists of Macaroni-and-Cheese and Ramen bringing you back to your college days. You don’t mind, except you remember the Freshmen Fifteen because of all that instant food. Ugh. On top of all that, there are serpent-like writing destroyers that shove their poisonous heads into your perfect writing world: birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, family gatherings, out-of-towners visiting, the Queen coming to town, Pink playing nearby, yada, yada.

But above all that, you write anyway. You feel productive. A sense of accomplishment washes over you. The fact that you’ve managed to create something in such a short amount of time makes you proud like no other writing endeavor has before.

I don’t know who said it, but it’s a great quote anyway: “Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember, a kite rises against the wind, rather than with it.”

Now get Nanoing. Catch up. You can do it. (I think I’m seriously going to start a Nanowrimo dictionary. Whatcha think?)

Write Anyway

It’s Day 3 of Nanowrimo. Allow me to break down the first two days…

Day 1
I’m excited! Everyone is so motivating and likable and the excitement is contagious!
I’m writing! I’m still editing as I go, refusing to slash the throat of quality for the sake of quantity and HEY it’s not going too bad!
I’ve only reached 600 words? Huh. Feels like more…
Kids mutiny! Must get groceries!
Must watch Iron Man 2!
I’m content to catch up on my words tomorrow.

Day 2
I’m ashamed of Day 1. For crying out loud, it was ONE DAY of writing dangerously and I failed. Day 1 is hanging its head in shame, but my cupboards are full and my kids have fallen in line.
I’m writing! Oh yeah, words are flowing. They’re good, rich words.
Hey, look at that, I’ve reached 1000 words by noon. I’m not such a loser after after.
Do I really need clean clothes? Nah. Another chapter must begin NOW.
I’m writing! Look at me go! I reach 1500 words.
I’m stumped…dah…dum.
Judge Judy!
More writing. The words are sluggish, but they’re there.
Would you look at that! A plot hole the size of the grand canyon.
I’m stumped…dah…dum.
Write Anyway! Make no sense! Pound keys!
Become manic, laughing like Count Dracula with each keystroke.
What’s that I spot waaaay over there! Yes! A bridge! I’ve written my way over the mind sucking abyss! Huzzah!
Collapse at 2 am. Fulfilled.

The purpose of my spastic post? Write anyway. Don’t let expectations get you down. Try to edit as you go, but when you get to a problem area, write through it until you get to the other side. Watch your shows. Do your chores. Don’t abandon your sanity to write 1668 words a day. Do everything you normally do, and in the face of all that normal day adversity, WRITE ANYWAY.

A letter to Evil

Dear Nanowrimo,

When I first heard your name and what you expected of those in your presence, I thought to myself that although your requirements were steep, they weren’t unmanageable. I wanted to be in your company. I wanted to wear one of those spiffy badges that said I was a Nano Winner–one of the elite. A writer capable of throwing logic aside and wearing the “insane” hat for the month of November.

Acting on those requirements of 50,000 words in 30 days…which breaks down to about 1700 words per day…is much harder than it seems.

Maybe it’s because I don’t write a certain amount of words per day. Some days I write 500 (like yesterday). Some days I write 3000. Or maybe its because now that I have an agent again (HUZZAH!) I have to write a synopsis for Book2 and go back through Enemy with another fine tooth comb. Yeah, maybe that’s it.

My time is stretched thin. My mind is jumping between books. Or maybe Nanowrimo is just so hard core that it’s sending me to my knees.

Nano, I bow down.

Your ever faithful but drowning servant,

P.S. Yes, I know it’s only Day 2. I can hear your evil laughter from here, so shut your wrimo trap. I’ll catch up…


November is officially National Novel Writing Month! I never thought I’d be someone who participated in NaNoWriMo…writing with wild abandon, forgetting about my rule to “edit as I go” and letting my fingers fly, never seemed appealing to me. I have a rhythm that seems to work so I go with it.

I’m not a test taking person.

I tend to freak when there’s a time limit set on me. And nothing says pressure like 50,000 words in 30 days.

Yet here I am.

I’m officially giving NaNoWriMo a shot.

And it’s not because I’ve lost my mind, although some might be inclined to argue otherwise.

It’s because I’ve made a HUGE mistake. I signed up for the Golden Heart Contest hosted by Romance Writers of America…only I made the mistake of signing up my CURRENT work-in-progress instead of Enemy, Beloved (the finished paranormal waiting to go out).

People unfamiliar with the contest might be wondering why this is such a mistake. Allow me to fill you in…

The manuscript has to be finished, polished, perfected, and received in Houston’s glorious offices no later than December 2nd, 2010. This means I have until the end of November to finish my novel. And as of this morning I’ve only written 30,000 words.

There are no refunds.

No going back. (No matter how many times I pound that Back arrow, the RWA site won’t forget about my error.)

I have to somehow manage to write, not 50,000 words like the crazy contest requires, but 60,000 words. And they can’t be unedited sloppy words. They’ve got to be good. Great. Intriguing enough to final me in the contest.

Come hell or high water, lack of sleep, endless nights, and pots and pots of coffee, NaNoWriMo, here I come.

I’ve got to blast the lid off this thing.

And I have no idea how the hell I’m going to do it.