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Supernatural Underground Super Halloween Giveaway!

(Firstly, I must apologize for the highlighting in the text. I’ve never claimed to be tech-savvy…this is why.. I can’t seem to figure out how to take it off. So here you go, the details of the contest in its highlighted glory. I promise I won’t have the same problem on subsequent posts.)

Paranormal Avon authors are celebrating the Halloween season with a really awesome giveaway! We’re giving away a Supernatural Underground Halloween Book Prize Pack, filled with 24 books, all written by Supernatural Underground authors. All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the page. 

The list of amazing books in this giveaway is below.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these books are e-books, so the winner should have access to an e-reader.


The Body Finder and swag by Kimberly Derting

Nightspell by Leah Cypess

Ascension by Sable Grace

Afterlife + Fathom (e-book) by Merrie Destefano

A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer

Wrong Side of Hell + To Hell And Back (both e-books) by Juliana Stone

The Heir of Night, US edition by Helen Lowe

Dream of Asarlai trilogy (Secret Ones, Power Unbound, Rogue Gadda) in e-book by Nicole Murphy

Night Forbidden by Joss Ware

Angel’s Ink by Jocelynn Drake

A Devil Named Desire by Terri Garey

Tatsania’s Gift (e-book) by Kim Falconer

Darkness Becomes Her by Jaime Rush

Last Vamp Standing by Kristin Miller

Diamond Eyes by AA Bell

Wanted: Undead or Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks

One Grave at a Time + Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Diaries of an Urban Panther by Amanda Arista

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!


Last Vamp Standing GIVEAWAYS!

Want to win a copy of Last Vamp Standing?

There are two ways to win.


I’m giving away three print copies of Last Vamp Standing (Book #3 in the Vampires of Crimson Bay series) on Goodreads. Last Vamp Standing releases in e-version August 28th and print September 18th. The contest runs to September 22nd.

All you’ve got to do is have a Goodreads account, go HERE, and click ENTER.

Good luck!” type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″>

If you don’t have a Goodreads account, but you’d still like to win a copy of Last Vamp Standing, I’m giving away two kindle or nook copies of the book on my blog tour with LitConnect.

All you’ve got to do to be entered to win is comment on any one blog post. Check out the tour dates below:

Tour Dates:


Starting August 20:

Aug. 22: RomFanReviews


Starting August 27:

Aug. 28: STOP #1: Brunette Librarian

Aug.28: STOP #2: Book Whore

Aug.28: STOP #3: Urban Girl Reader

Aug. 31: Ex-Libras


Starting September 3:

Sept. 4: The Jeep Diva

Upcoming Signing in Southern California

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be in Anaheim on Wednesday, Juy 25th signing copies of Intervamption and Vamped Up with hundreds of other romance authors. All proceeds benefit ProLiteracy Worldwide. Great writers. Great cause. I’d love to see you there! Take a look at the listing of who will be there and where we’ll be seated:

As for what’s been happening in my writing world lately: I finished a proposal for a new paranormal romance/urban fantasy series. (For all you non-writerly folk, a proposal is the first three chapters of the first book, a synopsis and book descriptions for the next three books in the series.) That proposal should be landing on editors’ desks in the coming months. Cross your fingers for good news! I also finished book descriptions for two more novellas in the Isle of Feralon series. I’ll go into more detail next week. 🙂

Hope to see you in Anaheim!

Forbidden by Fate Blog Touring

Just wanted to pop in to let you know I’ll be giving away 3 copies of my Isle of Feralon novellas during my blog tour. I’m giving e-copies of both Claimed by Desire and Forbidden by Fate to two lucky commenters, and I’m also giving an e-copy of Forbidden by Fate to the blog host who collects the most comments.

Want to follow along and enter to win?

Jul 2-Books N Kisses
Jul 3-Rabid Reads
Jul 4-Riverina Romantics
Jul 5-Demon Lovers Books and more
Jul 6-Novel Reflections
Jul 7-Cocktails and Books

Jul 9-Talk Supe
Jul 10-My Keeper Shelf
Jul 11-Supernatural Snark
Jul 12-Reading Romances
Jul 13-Book Lovin’ Mamas

Jul 16-Nocturnal Readings
Jul 17-Romancing the Darkside
Jul 18-Ex Libris
Jul 19-Ramblings from This Chick

Hope to see you at one (or all) of the stops! See you then and good luck!


Forbidden by Fate releases today!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this story. I love the Isle of Feralon so much that I can’t help but slip back there when I skim through the pages. I hope you have the same experience. I hope you fall in love with Sasha and Damon…and I hope you get a little taste of the forbidden fruit.

Early reviews (from The Jeep Diva) say, “Damon and Sasha have an incredible love story” and “I could not put the kindle down once I started reading”. Woohoo!

If you’d like to purchase the novella from Harlequin, click HERE. From Amazon (for kindle), HERE. And Barnes and Noble (for nook), HERE.

As for me, I plan on having a wonderful release day! I’ll be going to church (to give thanks where it’s due), then cleaning a bit (or a lot, considering the mess I’ve got going), and I’ll maybe throw in a pedicure somewhere. Maybe.

Hope you have a happy July 1st! The year’s half over already. Crazy. Even crazier? Forbidden by Fate is my SIXTH published book. Yowzer…when’d that happen?

Forbidden by Fate goes on tour!

Good morning!

After a few relaxing days in Lake Tahoe with Husband (and very limited internet), I’m ready to get right down to business. FORBIDDEN BY FATE is going on tour with Lit Connect!

If you’re a reviewer or blog host interested in having me or the book as a feature on your site, take a look at the calendar, see where I fit in to your schedule and sign up!

Not only am I giving away an e-copy of Forbidden by Fate or Claimed by Desire to two randomly drawn commenters over the course of the tour, I’m also giving away BOTH Isle of Feralon novellas to the blog host with the most comments. Cool, right?

There are pdf’s available for review, tons of giveaways and many slots left to fill! Thanks so much for helping make Forbidden by Fate’s release a huge success!

Forbidden by Fate COVER!

Good morning!

Today is a glorious day…Forbidden by Fate has a cover!

Isn’t it gorgeous! Harlequin’s design team really outdid themselves with this one. B-e-a-utiful!

FORBIDDEN releases July 1st at your favorite e-retailer.

Here’s the back cover copy (that varies slightly from the blurb in my “book” section of this site):


Dragon shifter Damon Frost has been banned from stepping foot onto Were land after sharing a night of pleasure with Sasha Moore, heir to the Were throne. Since then, he’s been waiting for the opportunity to return and claim her once again—until a territory dispute finally reunites him with his werewolf princess. Damon plans to use every minute with Sasha to remind her of the passion they shared—a fire he’s determined to reignite.

With their desire impossible to resist, Damon and Sasha indulge in a night of illicit ecstasy. But will it be enough to satisfy their lust? Or will their forbidden love start a war between their clans?


Also! As if that wasn’t enough good news for one morning, my edits for Last Vamp Standing are in! They were sent off last night and arrived safe and sound on my editor’s desk first thing this morning. I’m so stinkin’ happy with these books, you guys. :big ole fat grin: 

Amazing News!

InterVamption is a Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence finalist!

I can’t believe it. I’m blown away. Stunned. Speechless.

Since I first started writing, I’ve expressed to anyone and everyone how special that contest is to me. How much I love REBECCA, Daphne Du Maurier’s greatest work. (REBECCA is far and away my favorite book. The only book I’ve read more than once–and I’ve read it five times.) Anyone who knows me well knows how many times I’ve said that I’d absolutely love to final in her contest.

And I did! Well, InterVamption did. I’m so proud of her…

The award ceremony will be held at RWA’s national conference in LA. I feel like my dream has already come true merely being a finalist…I can’t imagine it could get better from here.

(In case you were wondering how I handled the news, I screamed and cried and asked the caller if she was playing a sick joke on me. She wasn’t. I’m so glad.)

Spotlighting Faythe Reclaimed!

I’m beyond excited to be spotlighting my critique partner’s new book in the Hanaford Park series, Faythe Reclaimed, today! (Isn’t the cover gorgeous?!?) Read the blurb, dive into an excerpt, and follow the buy links to get your own copy. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Book Spotlight: Faythe Reclaimed


Running through a strange forest with a bloodthirsty demon hot on her heels wasn’t Taylor’s idea of a rockin’ evening. Then again, neither was soaring backward through time and space. Time travel chafed and left a rank, nasty aftertaste. So, when she finds herself floundering amidst a sea of Commandment-loving holy rollers who fling accusations of witchcraft and bedevilment like hotcakes in a diner, finding her way home jumps to the top of her to do list. Too bad she can’t remember who she is or where she came from. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Taylor realizes she’s fallen for Gabriel, the mysterious Latin warlock who came to her rescue.

Battling an identity crisis and lost in a time that’s not her own, Taylor is determined to find her way back to twenty-first century Hanaford Park. But first, she and Gabriel must work together to uncover the dark scourge lurking in the shadows of Salem Village, and in doing so, save their lives, and the lives of countless innocents from a lethal date with the hangman’s noose.

Available at:

Barnes & Noble
Tulipe Noire Press

About the author:

Lisa Sanchez is a California cheer mom taxiing her way through life, one car ride at a time. Along with chauffer, she sports several job titles, including, but not limited to: author, chef, seamstress, videographer, nurse, enforcer, and general slave to her three daughters.

The first two books in her Hanaford Park series (Eve Of Samhain, Pleasures Untold) are published with Omnific Publishing. The third book, Faythe Reclaimed, releases with Tulipe Noire Press on May 17th 2012. Her erotic suspense, Obsessed was published March 29th 2011 with Loose Id. Lisa also took the plunge into self-publishing this year and released the first novella, Cursing Athena, in her new Order Of Seven erotic paranormal romance series.

Twitter: @LisaSanchez3


Dark, viscous liquid pooled onto the rotting floorboards below her body, the blackened puddle oddly reminiscent of a Rorschach inkblot.

Suppressed memories and emotions I’d believed long dead amassed from deep within, slamming me with a powerful crescendo of…Madre de Dios…feeling. Something I hadn’t experienced since the moment I’d lost my other half.

Nausea and desperation mimicked acid, burning a hole through my gut and my chest as I allowed my gaze to wander north. I knew what I’d find, and, fuck it all to hell, it scared me to death.

Taylor. The exotic beauty who’d breezed into my life just days before. The angel who’d awoken me from the state of numbness I’d resided in for three centuries. The woman who was an exact match in every way to my long deceased Faythe, hanged upside down and unconscious in front of me.




My heartbeat… It echoed in my ears like a muted drumbeat. The rapid tympani so synonymous with anger and rage oddly diminished and muffled as though I were listening to it from deep within the bowels of the ocean.

How? How had I allowed my enemy to capture the beautiful creature who’d breathed life into my pathetic existence?

I thrashed against the magical bonds holding me captive, every fiber of my being filled with panic, desperation—and rage. Supernatural throwdowns were a normal part of my everyday life. A warlock, an exiled member of one of Europe’s most powerful covens, I’d been bred to do battle, to fight the dregs of the underworld—with magic.

Magic. It had been my saving grace, time and again. It was also the bane of my fucking existence. Much like time. I hated my magic, almost as much as I hated myself. Witchcraft, limitless power… Both proved worthless when they didn’t allow you to save the one you loved. My magic hadn’t kept Faythe’s neck out of the hangman’s noose.