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I’ve hit the wall!

Well, I suppose I knew it was coming. Wonderful writing storms like the kind I’ve had the last two weeks don’t last forever, much like rain or snow ones.

It’s sunny today in California. And my creativity has dried up with the puddles.

I’m still sitting at my computer every morning and every night, typing something onto the screen. But to be honest, that something is garbage. Nothing like the beauty of the first sixty pages that flurried off the keyboard.

At the RWA National Conference in Washington D.C. last summer, Nora Roberts gave a very honest, very brash view of her writing process. There was something she said that stuck with me and it’s fitting for a week like this one.

She said something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Your job is to write. So you sit your ass in the chair and you write. You may write one line, one paragraph, one page, or one chapter each day. But you write something. Because a book can’t be formed from a blank page.”

So as long as I’m writing SOMETHING I can always bash it into good form later. I suppose it’s good advice. She should know what she’s talking about after all.

Side note: I’ve attached an interview with her below. This is not an RWA Conference, but you get the gist. Now keep in mind, she’s written 165 New York Times Bestsellers. Wow.

So, I’m going to watch this video again…and again…until I break through this granite wall with that toothpick!