Welcome to the official website of New York Times and USATODAY Bestselling Author Kristin Miller. I write paranormal romance (think When Harry Met Sally…if she had fur and fangs), and sweet and sexy contemporary romance (Sweet Home Alabama meets The Proposal, high in the Sierra Nevada mountains).

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  • DANGEROUS DOZEN hit the USA Today Bestseller list at #86!
  • LUCKY 7 BAD BOYS hit the New York Times Bestseller list at #16 combined print and ebook and #11 ebook!
  • LUCKY 7 BAD BOYS hit the USA Today Bestseller list at #41!
  • LUCKY 7 BAD BOYS hit the USA Today Bestseller list a second week at #128!
  • LUCKY 7 BAD BOYS hit the USA Today Bestseller list a third week at #140!
  • Gone with the Wolf is now a national bestselling novel! 




KristinMiller_MyKindOfLove_HRMY KIND OF LOVE

a Blue Lake novel

Runaway bride Harlow Matsen fled her cheating fiancée, moments before walking down the aisle. Eager to run from everything reminding her of her downturn in fortune, Harlow heads to Blue Lake , the quaint picturesque town where she grew up. Stuck in her wedding dress (literally), Harlow is rescued by her secret childhood crush, who restores her belief in love at first—er, second?—sight.

Bad boy outdoorsman Dane Brackett conquers everything in his life from the family store to the latest adrenaline-jolting adventure. He lives the way he wants, how he wants, and doesn’t have room for a steady woman in his life who’d tie him down. But he never thought he’d reunite with the sweetheart who used to live next door during his childhood.

Determined to live freely and by her own rules, Harlow elicits Dane’s adventure skills to help her live life to the fullest. Friendship blazes to passion, and Harlow soon realizes her crush has flamed into something deeper. Even though Dane knows he should let Harlow’s emotional wounds heal naturally, the closer they get, the more he thinks she might be the only woman who could turn settling down into the greatest adventure of all.

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so-I-married-a-werewolf-500SO I MARRIED A WEREWOLF

Seattle Wolf Pack #3

Carter Griffin, enforcing officer for the Seattle Wolf Pack, has a problem. He’s been offered the promotion of his dreams…if he can find a wife to prove he’s over his playboy ways. But Carter’s already walked the matrimonial road and bought the stinkin’ T-shirt. Besides, a werewolf only gets one fated mate. Been there, done that.
All werewolf dog trainer Faith Hamilton wants to do is earn enough green stuff to put her younger brother through college. Okay, okay, so she also totally wants Carter, her sexy next-door neighbor, to look at her as more than a friend. It’s too bad size 12 and plain isn’t his type. At all.
The two friends strike a deal to help one another out. They must face a variety of challenges from a psycho ex-girlfriend to a Yorkie with a shoe fetish…and that pesky problem of only having one-fated mate in a lifetime. Will a relationship ruin their friendship…or spark a love neither anticipated?





a Blue Lake novel


All he needs is a good woman…

Blazingly handsome firefighter Joey Brackett seems to have it all: a heroic career, a cabin in the small mountain town of Blue Lake, and the freedom to fly the skies in his fixed-wing plane. Beneath the surface though, he hides a painful secret. His eldest sibling died in a house fire on a night when Joey called in sick to go flying. For the last ten years, he’s struggled to recapture the sense of family he lost.

All she wants is a good time…

Winery owner Lucy Stone is spunky, stubborn, and fiercely passionate. Determined to keep balance in her life, Lucy works to the bone during the day–giving the winery her heart and soul–and parties all night with lovers who demand little more than her casual company. When a mutual friend buys Lucy a date with Joey at a charity auction, ten years of friendship combusts into something much hotter. Soon, they’re deep in a relationship neither expected.

All they have is now…

Lucy doesn’t share Joey’s idealized dreams of settling down, but he can’t seem to get over them. Now, Lucy must choose between what she thought she wanted and what her heart tells her she needs.

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