Change of profession

Everyone has heard the common saying that people change careers (on average) seven times in their life.

When I was younger I thought, no way. I want to be an English teacher. That’s it. All rolled into a nice ball of wax. I’ll graduate high school, graduate college, get my credential, and teach. Voila!

But now that I’ve reached a ripe old age of 29, I’m starting to rethink things.

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It’s highly possible for someone to enter college, take a couple courses in their initial career choice and think “no way, this isn’t for me”, and change paths. Then, what if they get into their career and receive the dreaded layoff notice. Seriously, this has become a major concern in our struggling economy. So they switch jobs, and we’re already at three careers before thirty years of age!

My father in law retired after a gazillion years of working for the government. He receives a paycheck that pays his bills and is happy to stay home and not work for “the man” anymore. He’s his own boss. But most days I think he finds himself bored. After the lawns mowed and the bills are paid, he tinkers with things and gets in trouble, as he would say, for anything and everything. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he decided to get another job to keep him busy. Many people retire and return to work. Baby boomers won’t go down easy workforce, so watch out.

In my case, I love to teach. I taught high school, middle school, and loved the bright light that would go off in some students eyes when they finally “got” Shakespeare. It was awesome.

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But it’s not enough. There’s something creative stirring, and I’m willing to put time in to see where it goes. Would I love to teach again? Yes. Would I love to stay home, frequent coffee shops, and get paid handsomely to write everyday? Abso-freakin-lutely.

That’d make second career change, for those of you counting. *grin


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