1-I’ve reached my first turning point in my current work in progress! Yay! It’s smooth-sailing for me and conflicting as hell for my hero and heroine. I love it.

2-I got a partial request-Yay! Then a full request 9 minutes later from the same person-Doubly-Double Yay!

3-This month my Golden Heart Score sheets come back for Dark Tide Rising. I entered this puppy in December. I’ve been having all kinds of anxiety dreams since then…I’m ready to hear. And I’m tempted to do something drastic in the case that I final–I’m gonna have to think about it.

4-Everyone in my house has now caught the cold that’s been going around Internet-world. Thank you facebook friends for passing that along through the keys.

5-And I know I forgot to post something about it (horrible-horrible-me) but I went vegetarian for the month of March. (Oh, and I cut sugar, white flour, soda, sugary-Starbucks goodies, and salt too–Lisa, you may have had something to do with that. Darn you and thank you at the same time.) I had some crazy idea about depriving my body of something it’s so used to in order to gain perspective for what my hero is going through in my current book. Today is Day 5 and I woke up craving tri-tip.

Odd to think about oatmeal, granola, coffee and red meat as a tantalizing breakfast…


One thought on “Updates

  1. Woooooohoooo! Congrats on the full request! Nine minutes after a partial from the same person? Hell yeah!!! Good luck with the diet change. The first week is the hardest. I remember getting real cranky etc for a few days, and then it was smooth sailing. Just make sure you keep up your protein intake if you're not eating any meat.Woohoo! Good things are happening in March. Yeehaw!

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