Edits go a little like this…

It’s hard to describe in words exactly what I’ve felt like this week. I’ve worked SO hard. Teaching 150 high school students a day was never as hard as juggling two rugrats, household duties and two projects. I know I mentioned I’m editing two manuscripts at the same time and bobbling between romantic suspense and paranormal romance…but every time I sit at the computer with my cup of coffee and open that word doc I feel…

…well…I feel…a little like this guy…

Did you catch the part near the end where the whitewash seemed to eat him alive and then he popped out (surprisingly) still surfing?

That’s how I’m hoping to come out of this editing process.

With an offer of representation. *big fat (and hopeful, praying my little heart out) grin


3 thoughts on “Edits go a little like this…

  1. OMG. I feel like the guy on the surfboard too. I like to see editing as swimming laps. You start strong, powerful and full of energy. You complete a few laps then fatigue kicks in. You drag your body the rest of the way…Just when you think we are about to go under, you reach the end of the pool. lol. Keep smiling. I know you'll get there. 🙂

  2. Wow! That was a big wave! It perfectly illustrates what you're feeling with all these edits. I sympathize. I empathize!! If you ever need an email-hug from a perfect stranger/fellow writer, I'm good for it. Since I just discovered your fabulous blog recently, I tagged you for an award over at my blog as one of my awesome finds on the blogosphere as of late!! Skip on over and see your award and who else is getting blogawardlove.YOU WILL EMERGE TRIUMPHANT!!

  3. You guys are the best. I swear writer friends understand like no other! Thanks for the pick-me-ups and don't worry…the publishing industry hasn't seen stubborn until they've met me. 🙂

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