Top Ten Tuesday: Things that can be found on my desk right now

1-My Starbucks coffee cup. It’s red. It has “love” scrawled in loopy letters on the side. It’s filled with French Vanilla roast Starbucks homebrew. Heaven.

2-A silver heart shaped box given to me by SFARWA via Sophie Littlefield. I received it after being a member of the chapter for a year. It’s looking a little stained, but the inside is deep blue velvet, soft and warm. There’s nothing in it, but it doesn’t stop me from peeling the lid and peeking inside every now and again.

3-Three notebooks. There’s a pink one with papers sticking out all over for SFARWA meetings. There’s another worn pink one with white spots containing messy notes for Book2 in the Crimson Bay Series. It’s falling apart and I love it. There’s a blue and green spotted one for Book3. That one is less messy, but it’s new. Give it time.

4-A fake orchid. I have a black thumb. The plant is perfect because it’s always pretty, it’s always green, and because I don’t have to worry about watering it, I can focus on my WIP.

5-The board book “Five Silly Monkeys”. Tank wanted me to read it to him over and over again yesterday. Here it sits, just in case he asks again.

6-A box of Tangled party invitations. Princess‘ 7th birthday is coming later this month and I have to send those puppies out to family and friends.

7-Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola bar wrapper. Breakfast. What can I say?

8-A rectangular straw box holding my thumb drives and pens…for my work and note taking.

9-A picture of Tank at a high school track meet wearing too-big sunglasses. His “girlfriend” let him wear her RayBans. He thought he was too cool. He’s even got his tongue out and his eyebrows up.

10-Bronze hair clip. Because for some reason I slept with it in my hair and when I sat down at the computer this morning my head hurt like hell. I must’ve slept on it until my scalp was raw and didn’t even know it. Ouch.

So that’s what is on my desk. What’s on yours?


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